Tips and Tricks

AKA a F.A.Q. for which we couldn’t come up with questions

The Schema Location

Maybe you’ve noticed this appearing as the schema location in the examples: It is not an accident - some mod managers, and I won’t name names here, use the link text (not the file the link points to, but the link itself) to check which fomod version the installer is using.

Conclusion - you can’t change it unless you’re sure your users will never use those mod managers. Hopefully they’ll drop that if a new schema version is created.

The Explicit Order

As promised during the tutorial - the fabled order attribute.

This is actually pretty simple and, if I might say so, completely ridiculous. Let me show you the options for this attribute:

  • “Ascending” - the default
  • “Descending”
  • “Explicit”

The first two sort your stuff alphabetically with no regards to how you sorted them out and since (the order attribute is optional, meaning you can omit it) the default is “Ascending” you’ll need to put order=”Explicit” everywhere in your installer.

No idea why it was decided to put “Ascending” as the default or who even thought it would be a good idea to sort things alphabetically here.

The Type Descriptor

Coming soon!